Guidance Office

Guidance Office services are available to all Presque Isle High School students from 7:45 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Each student is assigned to one of three guidance counselors at PIHS. Students are encouraged to meet with their counselors to discuss any number of issues including course selection, career planning, post-secondary planning and issues of a personal nature. In addition, each spring, when students select courses for the coming year, the student, along with his/her parents, receive a scheduled appointment to meet with his/her guidance counselor. 

In all cases, a student wishing to meet with his/her counselor must make an appointment and obtain a pass from the Guidance Office secretary. Typically, these appointments are held before or after school, during lunch, or during the student’s study hall. Only for an emergency is a student permitted to meet with his/her counselor during class. 

The Guidance Office staff welcomes parents to meet with them to discuss their child’s progress and plans for the future. Parents are encouraged to call for an appointment (764-7721). The Guidance Office is open year round; however, counselors are available one week before the opening of school and one week following the conclusion of the school year, in addition to regular school hours.
Allison Reed : Guidance Director

Allison Reed

Guidance Director
Lori Smith : Guidance Counselor

Lori Smith

Guidance Counselor
Mary Waren : Guidance Counselor

Mary Waren

Guidance Counselor
Whitney Pinette : High School Social Worker

Whitney Pinette

High School Social Worker

Danielle Maynard : Guidance Secretary

Danielle Maynard

Guidance Secretary